Where Do You Stand on Creatine?

After the recent supplement articles, we got a lot of questions about one of the more mainstream supplements, creatine.

Creatine is an interesting supplement, but more than anything it has been studied extensively and declared safe for use.

How Creatine Works

Creatine is something found in meat that our body converts to phosphocreatine in its muscles.  When your body needs to regenerate ATP (for quick energy) it uses your phosphocreatine before anything else.

Using creatine supplements allows you to saturate your muscles with phosphocreatine which means you will have more energy when working out hard in the gym.

The best creatine supplement will obviously depend on a few things, including your budget, your diet, and your workout schedule.  Decide if you need the extra energy in the gym and if it’s worth the extra expense.

The Latest Trend in Nutrition: Protein Power

Today I want to address a growing concern in the nutrition field, which is a protein deficiency.  Many people are experiencing a boost in health by adding more protein to the diet.

Protein is a basic structure that the body needs to repair itself and keep it strong.

How to get more protein

One of the reasons why people are often protein deficient is that it can be hard to get enough protein from common foods.  One alternative is protein powder, but those often don’t taste very good.  The best solution in my opinion is to eat protein bars.

The best tasting protein bars will taste pretty much like candy bars, the big difference is that they are packed full of protein.  I would recommend between 1 and 3 bars a day.

Source: bestproteinpowderhq.net

The recent controversy of Supplements

This is more of a warning post than anything.  Recently in the news it has come out that some supplements are contaminated and contain unsafe substances and bacteria that could make you really sick.

This is really important for anyone taking pre workout supplements in particular because these are the least regulated substances and you have no idea what could be in some of them.

What can you do about it?

If you absolutely must have a pre workout supplement because you’re really into training and need a boost then please go to bestpreworkoutsupplements.net and research whatever supplement you want to get first.

Make sure primarily that the company has a good reputation and that the ingredients included are safe.  If you don’t know what half the things are on a giant list of ingredients you probably shouldn’t be buying it to be on the safe side.

If you experience any negative effects from supplementation you may need to see a doctor right away if it doesn’t go away in an hour or two.

Train Hard, but train Safe!

Diagnosis Is Important

A reader sent in the following question:

I was recently running and felt a sharp pain around my hip, I think in my hip flexors…what’s wrong with me?

One of the initial steps and possibly the most difficult one is to diagnose the hip injury based on the type of pain you are experiencing. This article should help you identify what kind of pain you are feeling and then help you understand why the pain is occurring.

Types of Hip Flexor Pain

  • Swelling/Inflammation: Usually associated with the tendons attached to the Hip Flexor muscles, swelling can cause significant pain as the tendon will start to interact with other internal body parts it is not supposed to.
  • Intense/Sharp: A sharp pain usually occurs after a minor or partial muscle tear in the region. Typically the pain is felt when you lift your leg vertically, but it can also be felt anytime you bend at the hip.

It is very important to look into the specific kind of Hip Flexor pain you are experiencing since each type has a different treatment.

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